What Is Multiple Sclerosis Urinary Incontinence?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that damages the nerves that sends messages from the brain to your muscles and when this happens one thing is for sure and that is that your body would not be able to work fine. This whole thing has a really bad impression on the bladder of yours and with trouble with the bladder, we can say that you would have multiple sclerosis urinary incontinence, it is when there is a loss of bladder control. And you would not be able to control the time and place when your urine comes out, it would be out of your control since your nervous system is damaged and you have no idea what and when would something start happening in your own body and that is when the multiple sclerosis urinary incontinence comes into play.

It is very important that people get a proper treatment for all of this otherwise it can lead to bladder infections and kidney damages as well. All of this, we can assume one thing and that is the multiple sclerosis autoimmune problems that we would also have to face.

In a time like this pandemic, there is one thing that all of us can do and that is obey these statements to make sure that the disease does not get out of hand at any point in time and so that you do not lose control of your body or make sure that the disease is turning into a worse one with time.

You should try and change your behavior

You should start making a schedule of when you would go to the bathroom and pee, train yourself to make sure that you would not wait until you have the urge to pee but pee when you have the scheduled time, this would help you not breaking out at any time and under any circumstances, we all know that multiple sclerosis urinary incontinence can be difficult, but you can minimize its effect that it has on your life and the people around you. Learn more regarding multiple sclerosis cure.


It is very important that you make your pelvic floor muscles very strong, this way you would be able to improve your condition and get your bladder under control. It is important although that before you starting exercises, you should also consult your doctor to see if your condition is such that would benefit with such a step or not and if the doctor agrees, you should go for it because we can understand how hard life would be with having no bladder control in such times, getting it solved is the main key.