Signs To Replace Metal Roof

bluescope colorbond trimdek roofing

Steel roofing is more often seen in commercial and industrial buildings whereas concrete tile roofing is more of a fashion in the construction of residential properties. There are numerous configurations, types, and designs of steel materials available in the market but BlueScope colorbond steel is currently the most trusted one by construction contractors. BlueScope colorbond TRIMDEK roofing is the ultimate version of versatile steel setup in the square fluted pattern which spans a wider length in comparison to the tiles. It has more durability which can last for over 70 years with replacement exclusively available for colorbond steel roofs. On the other hand, metal roofing is another sort of system which involves the use and installation of metals, tiles, and panels. This one acts as a part of the physical separator in the roofing envelope which offers resistance to air, water, and heat. However, there are instances in which there is essential need to replace metal roof.This condition arises when the roof panel paint finishing is disturbed, fasteners lose their position, or the metal roof reaches a 30 year landmark in age.

BlueScope colorbond TRIMDEK roofing

BlueScope is an Australian steel producer and supplier which have simplified and upgraded the roofing system of both residential and commercial building properties. BlueScope colorbond TRIMDEK roofinginvolves the installation of trapezoidal ribbed steel roofing which creates a fluted morphological appearance on the exterior. The colorbond steel used in the roofing structure is made up by the amalgamation of zincalume core, heated corrosion inhibitor, and is provided with paint finish to the roof.

BlueScope colorbond TRIMDEK roofingis baked and heated to offer a crisp fine finishing to the building’s exterior. The coating layer of zinc and aluminum along with steel is strong enough to help the roof execute resistance properties to the harsh climatic conditions. Apart from the roofing, wall cladding, guttering, and downpipes are also the practices in which colorbond steel can be used.

Replace metal roof

Metal roofs are heavier, strong, sturdy, safe, and durable for a long time. These are quite often seen to be installed in commercial and industrial buildings which are continuous in run. Despite of the remarkable physical characteristics, there are extreme conditions in which it is better to replace metal roof for improving the curb appeal of the roofing system. The most common signs which indicate the urgent need to replace metal roof are

  • If the paint on the metal panels wave off quickly
  • If the metal panels or tiles are damaged from unknown reasons
  • If the metal roof has aged 30 years or more
  • The fasteners employed in roof installation lose from their sites
  • Weather severities like storm, rain, or heavy winds might had affected metal roof structure


BlueScope colorbond TRIMDEK roofing is the versatile way to install roof in commercial and industrial buildings using steel components. The need to replace metal roof is encountered when the structure of roof is deformed by weather. For more information please contact: