Luxury Accommodations…

Perceptions and ideas or in common term ‘angle’ to look at something varies from person to person and this is not restricted to person or nature of a person; it varies from culture to culture and/or lifestyle to lifestyle and the count goes on… for some may be living abroad, buying huge cars, spending thousands on shopping is happiness and satisfaction and for other spending time with family with average amount of money or having a mediocre life is happiness. It’s all about how a person see things in life, one cannot restrict any mind from thinking the way it wants. Irony is the way one spends his/her life becomes the benchmark of judgment for people for example: no matter a person is educated or not or from which background one belongs to; but if driving a nice luxurious car that’s a symbol of a luxury life.

Why not? In this world everyone has become a number with ‘plus minus’ symbols above their head, earning more ‘a plus’ earning less ‘a minus’, think for a moment how great this world is and then think of the judgment criteria man has made for everything. Having a ten bedroom house in California or Houston or anywhere in this world should be considered as a luxury accommodation in Hamilton island, with chauffer driven cars, multiple credit cards seems a luxurious life dude! And of course it is, but then again it depends on the perception, a person living in a two bedroom condo with his/her family is living a miserable life from your end, but if you ask personally may be that flat/condo is a luxury accommodation for that person because, its filled with family memories and feelings. Labeling is good when done on products, judgment is great if done in a court room but doing it in daily life and especially on the basis of how rich or poor a person is? Makes it as if we are measuring the height of Eiffel tower with a small ruler.

God has created human beings and beings are never judged by God on the basis of how big there houses are? Or how well they are earning? So the benchmark is, fine and good deeds which is probably missing these days in human beings; considerable change can be examined just by changing the angle (the thinking criteria or/and perception). Honestly, luxury is such an abstract thing which cannot be measured, cannot be seen it’s more towards feeling, quite materialistic if we rate luxury in digits like a person is happy without anything? is living a contended & satisfied luxurious life but, for us may be he is not? Despite of the fact, as discussed before nobody can stop the thinking ability of anybody nor it can be changed by anything but still it is a subjective debate. So, decide now luxury or no luxury depends on how you visualize it? Or is it something which can be monetized in digits. The bottom line is ‘you are nobody to judge anybody’… tours-travel