We Are Concerned About Your Horses At Every Stage

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In particular when travelling by road and to remote areas of Australia, we think horses deserve the best care possible. This entails ensuring their protection, behaviour, and welfare to the greatest extent possible. This is wherefore, at Regency Floats, horse float manufacturers in Australia, we place a high value on ensuring the comfort of mutually horse proprietors and horses. We make sure you and your horses have everything they need when travelling in Australia, from superiority float physiques to the selection to customise, we have available for sale that meet your requirements because we are dedicated to your horses’ welfare at every turn and seamster it to your specific needs. Regency Floats, in contrast to other floats that employ flooring made of timber, work, or a similar material, only usage steel-clad interwoven aluminium bottoms that won’t decay. To guarantee safety, there are supplementary steel frameworks provisions where the mounts stand. The entire subfloor is then beeswax coated to stop rusting. Eighteen mm thick, one-piece anti-slip elastic that covers the back ramp and is mated to the aluminium floor is sealed at the edge to keep impurities from getting to the surface. To protect the float walls, 8mm thick rubber cushioning is placed between the inner side walls and the barriers. One way to help with that is to travel in one of our standard quality horse floats for sale in Sydney. A well-built float with the characteristics you require and the ability to keep your horses relaxed while travelling to and from it is a sure-fire winner.

Regency Floats is familiar with the needs of horses on the road and what horse owners like you are searching for as fellow horse lovers who have kept equines for generations. We can recommend the best horse floats we have available for sale that meet your requirements because we are dedicated to your horses’ welfare at every turn. Since the beginning, we have concentrated on providing high-quality horse floats to equine enthusiasts. All of the basic horse floats we sell are constructed with long-lasting materials, ensuring the security and comfort of any horses riding within. This indicates that the horse floats you purchase from us were designed with your horses’ safety in mind in addition to being dependable in construction. Whether you are riding within Sydney or somewhere else in NSW, you can be confident that a new floating from Regency Floats will make your trip easier and more enjoyable for both you and your horses. We are always available to help other horse enthusiasts and local, family-run companies in Australia. You don’t have to worry about organising horse floats for sale your own delivery or transportation since our new selection of floats and angle load horse floats can be supplied to your place for a very affordable charge.