Wake Up! World Is Dying!

We, the people are blessed with six senses and guess that is the reason we are the only ones who is responsible for the world being destructed from various sides. People are being exploited by people. Laws are not helping innocents. They are just aiding the people of power to exploit the poorer and the less fortunate. Our activities are directly affecting the earth, by the release of chlorofluorocarbons’, and carbon monoxide, which is leading to the earth losing its ozone layer. This phenomenon is known as ozone layer depletion. Moreover, people are just looking for ways to just be lazy and do no physical work which had led to the increased level of machineries manufacturing resulting in pollution. People cut off trees and also had killed almost all wild animals making them al endangered species needing special care and attention to keep them safe. There is a huge problem called global warming and of course there is a huge difference in the equilibrium. There is problem in everything human beings are doing.

This might make you feel like people are safe but no! They are not. In countries where wars are going on, freight companies in Perth are made use of to traffic human beings! The worst thing about human trafficking is the older perverts buy kids and girls who are old enough to be their daughter in law or even their granddaughter. Apart from this, people are either smuggled or even sent to other states or even countries where they are just abused sexually, physically and emotionally. The sadder part is females are victims of rape or gang rapes. This is absolutely sickening and worst thing is people who actually gain courage to go to courts are put through mental and emotional abuse again.

According to the rules and regulations of the criminal law relating to rape, there should not be any kind of degrading questions or any other kind of question that will put the victim in distress but it is should be seen that lawyers never follow that. Questions like, “Why didn’t you run and find shelter when he attacked you?”; “It looks like you gave consent to the sexual intercourse!”; “He never attacked you, you gave permission and consent!” and the worst of all questions, “What did he do? How did he do it?” Obviously the female is in an emotional state where small things will make them weak and cry. When they cry, these lawyers would conclude telling they were never telling the truth and they are crying because their mask is torn more like they got the memories of how their hymen was torn without permission. There is no place where people can be safe or be happy! People are being targeted and attacked by someone or the other.

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